Scripture Study

Recordings of Scripture Studies I have host on New Moons and Lunar Sabbaths.

Scripture Study YouTube Playlist (mp3(s) on OneDrive)

Talk some of false prophets, how what is on the small plates which is in the BoM is considered most sacred.
Scripture Study 2020-06-06 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Fulfil can and does mean teach. Explained what a Peace Maker is and how they publish peace.
Scripture Study 2020-05-30 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

LDS supposed D&C 132:1 contradicts that we need to have real intent to receive answers in pray when remembering the supposed story of Joseph Smith being told by an angel with a flaming sword to practice it or die, beceause Joseph Smith was not going to.
Bring out how 2 Nephi 31:5-10 showing FULFIL can and does mean teaching.
Scripture Study 2020-05-23 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

Scripture Study 2020-05-21 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)

We talk about the Word of Wisdom, which Anne gave some very good insights including explaining in season. And the Book of Revelation 9.
Scripture Study 2020-05-14 YouTube (mp3 OneDrive)